Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Working on the New Farm...Day Two!

We made a ton of progress last night!  We started our work on Sunday night, and ended up staying out there til almost 11.  All we got done that night was stripping about half of the stalls...they were really bad.  Layers of soiled manure that had rotted into hard chunks.  We literally had to chip away at a lot to get it up.  So we came out again last night and got the stalls completely stripped and the aisleway cleaned up and raked.  We took a break to go get food and more importantly, cold drinks, then came back with extra weapons for the next round.

I learned how to use a weedeater...not hard, but somehow I managed to mess up the thread a bit...oops!  I guess when you're tearing out a year's worth of weeds that looks like a mini jungle, it's easy to miss a rock or two!  I was really excited to find an entire flowerbed that was edged with scalloped brick.  I am really excited to get that replanted with something pretty!  After I ran out of daylight, I joined Robyn in the tack room, where she was hard at work scrubbing down walls after knocking down all the dead dirt dobber nests.  We scrubbed from top to bottom - thankfully the walls are a nice laminate finish, so they cleaned up pretty nicely!  Then finished with a preliminary floor cleaning - I have the feeling it may take several more passes to get it really clean!

We unpacked and hung a couple of fans, and I cobwebbed all the nice wire fronts to the stalls, then we decided to call it a night.  It was a hugely productive day!  Today's plan is to find fill dirt/pit gravel for the stalls, and call and get our grain pricing and delivery set up. 

It's funny, because it dawned on me this morning that I am in the process of accomplishing a lifelong dream.  I have wanted my own barn since I was a kid.  I vividly remember playing with my Grand Champions stable, and dreaming about my own place.  It is finally coming true, and there is nothing like it.  I am literally on top of the world!!!  Best of all, I am able to share it with someone who is just as excited and dedicated to the project as I am.  I think we will have tremendous success together!!

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  1. Dreams do come true! Congratulations!

    Suzanne (google isn't letting me post under my name/picture on your site)