Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back in the Saddle, Again....

To the tune of that old song, sing it with me! Seriously though, I have been singing that song ever since I hauled my sore rear end back into the saddle. Which ended up being two weeks to the day after my little "incident". Not even CLOSE to the prescribed 6-8 weeks from the doctor. I knew I wouldn't last. The first week back in the saddle was a little rough, but it is already improving. Liz, one of our boarders, was an absolute godsend and brought out a really padded sheepskin seat saver. It has SERIOUSLY saved :-)

So, we have re-started the thirty day goal of getting the green-bean going, and kicked it off with a hardcore lesson last night. We put out some beautiful work. Of course, it took Renie having to really yell at me and get on my case for a few minutes, but once it clicked, we got it. And I know we got it, because we changed directions on the circle and nailed it instantly. We are working on bend - TRUE bend. My mare is smart as a whip, and has a tendency to fool me into thinking she is bent when she is really just curling. So we are re-learning how to establish it correctly. Needless to say, I need a LOT of legging up.

In addition, I have taken on a project pony! Mya came last weekend, and is a little 14.2 paint pony that is cute as can be. She is for sale by a friend of my trainer's, and she sent her to our farm to hopefully get some exposure. We would love to find a student or boarder at our farm who might be interested, because she has a GREAT personality, and is adorable over fences. She is a little chicken hearted over fences, so it is helping to beef up my confidence in "showing" her new things. But even so, she might look and stop a few times, but when she does hop whatever we are going towards, she just pops right over without overjumping at all. We are having lots of fun! I will get a picture of her this weekend to post!