Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catching Up...Moved in - Check!

Well, I have been a little slack, but I suppose I have a valid excuse - I have spent every waking moment at the barn possible!  The boys moved in Friday night.  It seemed like an eternity that we had to wait, but the day finally arrived, and they have settled in beautifully!

Samson on the left, Robyn's boy Linkin on the right
We wrapped the boys up with shipping wraps, and then Robyn's momma Jeanine trailered them to the farm for us.  We tailed behind her with our own cars, and all I could do was squeal with anticipation the whole way there!

Leaving The Meadows at Waxhaw
It was such a wonderful weekend.  We unloaded the boys at the new farm, and it was very nonchalant.  Perked up ears, but that was the extent of the excitement.  We put them in their stalls so they could have some water while we unwrapped, and then I threw on a pair of splint boots as a precaution before turning Samson out, just for a little extra protection on his suspensory in case they got to running around.  Turns out, it wasn't even necessary.  Both of our boys were as calm as can be.  Linkin trotted around a bit, and Samson lazily plodded behind, but that was the majority of the excitement they displayed.  The most exciting moment was when we brought them up for dinner, and Samson CANTERED down the pasture, looking as sound as can be!!

The boys after being turned out the first time!
We have jokingly nicknamed our guys the Siamese Twins, because they are seriously joined at the hip.  It's pretty adorable, as a matter of fact.  Robyn keeps joking that Samson is going to have to ride along every time they show, because he exhibits some pretty serious separation anxiety if you take his buddy away.  I am kind of hoping that introducing Delilah to the herd might help break up the Ambiguosly Gay Duo (their other nickname...) but we'll see....
Joined at the hip...
The rest of the weekend was awesome.  Robyn's mom, who has been boarding our guys the last few months, gave us a huge hug and told us we are always welcome back.  On Saturday, Momma Briggs (our trainer Kelsey's mom) came for a visit, along with their boarder Laura and her daughter Ashley, Kelsey's really promising working student.  We all hung out for an hour or so, showed them the farm, and had a celebratory drink together.  Everyone has been so warm and congratulatory, and it has been amazing to have so much support and genuine excitement for our little venture. 

Samson grazing Saturday morning

Samson has become incredibly affectionate since moving too.  He comes up to me in the pasture to say hello, and on Sunday I stopped by in the afternoon to just hang out, and ended up sitting in the stall with him for quite awhile.  At one point, he literally laid his muzzle on the top of my head, and stood there for ten minutes while I stroked his muzzle.  I love my big guy.  I ended up throwing on a bridle Sunday night and hacking around the pasture bareback.  It was SUCH a blast!

The view from hacking around bareback  :-)

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