Friday, August 26, 2011

The Night Before Christmas...

I feel like a kid on the night before Christmas.  Eagerly awaiting the tick of the clock to announce that it is finally time, that the wait is over.  We are moving the boys to Thalia Farm tonight.  At last, the wait is over, and it is time to pack up, load up, and settle in to our own farm.  But of course, I have to make it through an excruciatingly boring work day first, which means the hours are dragging on longer than I would have thought possible.  So here I am, devouring a delicious treat from Coldstone, watching the minutes tick away. 

I feel like such a kid.  The dream of having my own barn has finally come true.  I know it isn't going to be all sunshine and roses, and there will be mornings that I may begrudge having to trudge out in various weather to feed and clean stalls...but I don't care.  I have dreamed of this day since I got my first Grand Champions Riding Academy - which, by the way, was also a green and white barn, the color I always dreamed of having. 

Our hay was delivered last night.  100 bales of clean, gorgeous, weed-free fescue, and a round bale to be stored for the field later on.  We emptied grain into our grain bins, opened shavings bags, cleaned out the corner feeders, and opened the himalayan salt licks for the stalls.  Everything looks amazing - neat, tidy, and ready for the boys' arrival.  It was like playing house, in a manner that only two horse-crazy girls could understand.

Ohio grown alfalfa hay!

Grain bins filled and ready!

So now it is 3:13, and I have puttered away a sum total of five minutes typing a blog post.  Now, if only I could figure out how to zip through the next hour......


  1. Congratulations! Living your dream is what life is about! Kudos to you for making it come true!

    Suzanne (Google won't let me post under my name on your blog)

  2. Congrats. Your journey has been really enjoyable to read. Only 1 request. more pictures! :)

  3. Found the link to your blog on COTH... Congrats on the new barn! I'm looking into renting my own barn next year so I'm interested in hearing about your experiences... what you didn't expect, what you had to do to get the place ready, etc. Good luck!