Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crashing Trees, Tidy Aisleways, and a Show, OH MY!

Well, it has been an exciting week for our little endeavor at Thalia Farm!  Monday night we got hit by a surprise thunderstorm, which turned out to be pretty exciting!  Robyn and I were working in the barnyard on constructing boxes to hold our stall fans.  We were pretty impressed with ourselves - we managed to pick up all our supplies, wield a circular saw and drill, and whip out five fan boxes without so much as a single hitch.  In addition, we also took the time to show a prospective boarder around the farm, who happens to be a really sweet lady that we had known previously and have become good friends with lately.  She loved the farm, and is seriously considering bringing her boy to us since she would like him to have a stall for the winter instead of being on pasture.  So we had finished showing her around, and had just finished our fan box project, when we heard the telltale pitter-patter of rain on the barn roof behind us...the rain literally moved from behind the barn until it reached us in front.  We scrambled around, pulling in the power tools, lumber scraps, etc, then settled ourselves in the aisleway to wait for Randon to arrive.

My hubby pulled up and joined us, and we were lounging around the aisleway making dinner plans when I turned to watch the rather impressive storm that had risen up around us.  It was then that I caught a strange sight out of the corner of my eye....a tree...bending way too far in the wind and rain....Within seconds I realized it wasn't in fact bending over, it was CRASHING down, right in front of my eyes...straight into a power line, blocking the entrance and exit to our barn.

Sure enough, we were trapped.  I called the power company and sat on hold for fifteen minutes before getting through to a representative, who couldn't even give me an estimated time of arrival.  My husband was chattering on in the background about his intentions to wield a chainsaw and take the tree down, regardless of the fact that it was on a LIVE power line.  Fool.  Then you add in the fact that he was hungry and therefore cranky, and you get the was not a collection of pleasant moods, by any stretch.  In the end, we pulled the headlights closer to get a better idea, and quickly realized his chainsaw couldn't possibly get through the tree anyway.  So we compromised (I guess...I still don't think MY input was ever considered...) on him cutting off the branches so we could at least fit the cars out underneath the tree.  I hid in the tack room praying like a banchee that he wouldn't be boiled alive by a live power line, kept company by my worried little golden puppy. 

The end result...he is alive.  I still think the man is a fool, but he got us out, and we all went for a celebratory meal and beer afterwards. 

The barn is coming along nicely!  We got our tools neatly hung and organized in the shed, got our salt block holders hung in the stalls, and last night we took an easy night to straighten up and shoot photos to update our Facebook page and advertisements.  Our next projects are painting the barn exterior and starting on a few cross country fences, and possibly building crossties.  My amazingly supportive hubby agreed to purchasing a mower and spreader last night, so I am really excited to finish laying up all our necessary supplies soon!

On top of all the Thalia Farm excitement, the other thrilling news is Delilah's first REAL SHOW - this Saturday!  I have Friday off to spend the day at Foxhollow watching them school and then grooming for the show.  Kelsey is going to ride her in the Pre-Maiden Combined Test (2') and then do a Maiden Jumper class (2'3").  I am SO excited to see how she does!  Kelsey's theory is that she will either pass with flying colors, or totally bomb - it probably won't be anything in-between.  Kelsey is taking her mare as well, so it will just be the two of us.  I will take tons of pictures to be updated after the show is over!

There is a lot to be excited about.  I have been working harder than ever, but I am truly loving every minute of it.  I can't wait to get my ponies moved in to our new barn.  Robyn and I have been pouring sweat into the place to really make it special, and it is really starting to show.  I am so glad that we have partnered up to do this.  She has worked long and hard without a single complaint, and then spends her days helping with all the legwork to arrange insurance, supplies, etc.  There are so many things to arrange, and we have each been tackling projects and then collaborating to compare notes.  It is all starting to fall into place though, and I really feel like this is meant to be.  Life is great, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish in the next couple weeks!

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