Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Happy Place

It never fails...I can be in the foulest mood, and the barn always works it's magic to turn things around.  I was having a bit of a pity party yesterday.  Yes, I admit it - I was a little down in the dumps, and admittedly, pouting a bit about having to go out and ride.  I had decided it might be better to boycott riding in general for the evening, since I had such a foul attitude going into things.

Nevertheless, a few things happened in sequence.  First, I start getting comments on my blog post yesterday of encouragement and advice.  Robyn and Suzanne, I appreciate your encouragement and wisdom, and have to give you a special shout-out for the support on a pretty blue day.  I have taken all of your words to heart, and Suzanne, I am actively planning to act on your specific advice!  Next, I had a potential boarder start emailing me that sounded like the perfect fit for our farm, and she wanted to come take a look that evening. 

Now, I have to say, I was a bit worried since I was having a slightly "off" day, that I might not be my chipper happy self to be showing someone around the farm.  I knew, however, that my pride in our endeavor would eventually work it's way through, and in the meantime I could lean on Robyn to take the wheel if necessary.

So the potential client comes out, walks through the barn to the back field, and immediately recognizes a boarder's horse.  It turns out, she knows every single boarder at our barn already, and knew Kelsey when she popped in for a visit as well.  The horse world is SUCH a small world.  Once again, it only reassures the importance of professionalism and not burning bridges.  You see, ironically, I had met her once before at a previous farm too.  We never hooked up again after meeting that first time, but did recognize each other last night.  It took awhile to put the pieces together, but we eventually figured out how we had met each other once before.

The pieces seem to fall into place so perfectly at times.  It was one of those things that seemed so cosmically perfect that the irony was astounding.  So many nights of worry about our farm endeavor, wondering if we were doing the right thing, wondering if we would make it....brushing off the inevitable criticism that comes with the territory...yet here we are, standing tall, with our little endeavor taking off in a very big way.

Needless to say, my "off" mood was turned around, as always seems the case with the horses or the barn.  I swear, one or the other can remedy even the worst of days.  It is my happy place, my little slice of heaven, and I am so grateful to have it.  I am thankful for the best boarders in the WORLD - and I truly mean that.  I can pick up the phone any day and call any of them for anything, and we are all there for each other.  We have completely open lines of communication, not a slice of drama, and solid friendships in the making as a result.  Thalia Farm has become the perfect barn I had hoped for from the beginning, and I am so eternally grateful to everyone for taking a chance on us and becoming a part of our little family.

Today is "vet day" for Rosie, and Jonah is going to get his coggins pulled to officially record his new ownership, even if only temporarily.  He makes the trip on Sunday to Ivy's for her to try him and see what she thinks.  Saturday is the hunt ball, and now we have added in the additional excitement of my first foxhunt!  I am excited to be mixing things up a bit, and stretching my comfort zone a little.  Robyn and I are looking at some inexpensive show options to set some goals to strive for in the near future as well.  One day at a time, we will get there!!!

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