Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chiro Night

We had such a blast at the barn last night.  We invited Sarah (Jonah's possible new owner!) out to ride him again since she is overflowing with excitement and has several more days before his vet check.  Caroline was out for Rosie's chiro appointment as well, so it was ladies' night at the barn.  I tried to hook the new 4-wheeler up to the manure spreader to continue working on spreading our pile, but discovered the tire was not only flat, it had come completely off the rim.  Sigh....  Then I puttered around trying to start a fire and quickly gave up on that.  My caveman skills failed me yet again.... So finally I plopped down on a trunk to hang out with the girls.

Susan Chandler, who is a legend in the area for her magic hands, arrived shortly after to do Linkin and Rosie.  It didn't take long to discover why she is so well-liked in the horse world.  She is warm, personable, and extremely knowledgeable.  And she doesn't hesitate to love on the horses, which is always reassuring.  Linkin was extremely out on his left side, just as we had guessed.  By the end of the appointment he was half asleep, and no longer reacted to any pressure along his spine or ribs.  April was not on the schedule, but I had her run a hand along her to see if she looked like she was out anywhere.  Sure enough, she was a "twisted sister" in Susan's words...pretty dramatically out in her poll.  So I am looking forward to seeing how she goes after her day off to let the adjustment settle.

I am looking forward to the weekend.  We hammered out some alternate pasture arrangements so we can get seed and lime down this week, and will put those in place tomorrow.  I am going to take April over to Ivy's on Saturday to have her hop on and put a ride on her.  Hopefully we can also squeeze in making a new paddock or two, and some clearing....I am so thankful that daylight savings time is here.  I feel more productive already!!!

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