Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'd Rather Be Tired than Broke....

I remember listening to a Dave Ramsey CD, and hearing him preach about working 2, even 3 jobs if necessary to put yourself in a better financial position.  His words spin through my brain to this day - "I'd rather be tired than BROKE!" 

I was reflecting on this the other morning, when I started thinking about exactly how many hours I have been working lately.  My day starts at 6:30 am, when I get ready for work and head to the barn for the morning feeding.  It takes a half hour or so by the time I feed, throw hay, and turn out.  Then it is off to work for an 8 hour day as a Property Manager.  Then, time to switch gears again, and head back to the barn.  Ride 2 horses, one of which will hopefully be a good sale prospect, then do chores.  Usually make it home by 8 or so, and have an hour or two of my own before collapsing into bed.

It is madness!  But I love every moment of it.  I am working my butt off to accomplish my dream, one day at a time.  And though I may be exhausted, in the words of Dave - I'd rather be TIRED than BROKE! 

I have a few exciting things coming up in the near future.  Saturday is lesson day, and I am excited to hopefully get in some work over fences.  Sunday I am hoping to spread the rest of the manure pile and hopefully aerate the back pasture as well, in preparation for seeding next weekend.  Then the following weekend is closing hunt with the Mecklenburg Hounds, and I have been invited to try my hand at my first foxhunt, as well as attend the Hunt Ball!  Finally - a chance to take out the Donna Karen black label dress that has been hanging in my closet BEGGING for a chance to be worn!  HUGE thanks to my precious Carmela who gifted me with such an AMAZING dress - I promise not to wear it at the barn!!!!

The farm is full - overflowing, actually - and it is a great feeling.  I would so much rather be a little tired from extra work than stressing about finances.  We have a couple of appointments to show the farm this weekend as well, since we are crossing our fingers about a gorgeous pasture we are hoping to acquire....I don't want to jinx it, but it would be an amazing opportunity to keep expanding the business since it is apparently taking off now!

Jonah has already gained weight, and had a mini-makeover last night, thanks to Robyn and her adept abillities to tame a crazy mane.  I am throwing in a few photos from his first week and second week, even though the recent ones are pretty bad cell phone quality.

Week One

Week Two - Not the greatest picture, but showing some improvement!

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