Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Runaway D-Train, Stormin' Norman, & A Possible Trade!

It's been a busy week at Thalia Farm!  It started out at the end of last week, when Robyn had to rush out of town for a family emergency, leaving me to play "barn" by myself for the weekend.  Friday evening I hopped on Delilah since she had the luxury of having the past three days off, and we started out with a pretty decent ride.  Since she seemed to be relaxed and responsive, I decided to pop over our little tire jump....and that's where the "Runaway D-Train" left the station....

I'll be darned if that mare didn't take off on me at a crisp little gallop.  I can't quite say that she "ran away" with me, because the truth is, I was able to hold her in a circle.  But she did not respond to a single half halt, with my hands, seat, one point, I did the emergency haul-back on both reins....nothing.  That mare kept chugging away, to the point that I pretty much gave up and let her gallop herself out.  Apparently, she got wind of the fact that her trainer's horse, Baby P, was galloping off at the American Eventing Championships, and she wanted her turn too!  Needless to say, we eventually got her brain back, and then I had to take on the challenge of cantering her again, so we didn't end on such a wretched note!

Well, Friday was the day I realized I have taken BIG strides in my fear of Delilah.  Even as out of shape as I am, I proceeded to work on her canter several more times til we ended on a good note.  It didn't happen immediately either - twice, I thought for sure I was going to go sailing off the side of her, when she inadvertently hopped around a rock or bad footing, and I sort of hung in midair before rebalancing in the got a little hairy, but I really stuck it out and hung in there.

When I finished, I decided to take her trailblazing through the woods - something that would have previously set my heart racing, but regardless, I pressed on.  Well, I got a little ambitious, and ended up pretty deep in the woods, stuck amidst the cedar trees.  I paused for a minute, and ducked against my little mare's neck to escape being swiped off by a tree branch, and when I did, the reins went slack and Delilah took a step forward, and then another one...I decided to put my trust in her and see where it took us.  Sure enough, I laid on that mare's neck, and she let us through a little maze and back to the open trail in no time.  What a good little mare!  She never fails to surprise me.

The early week brought about a vicious cold that I have been fighting, so it has been all I can do to get through chores, let alone ride.  Last night I started feeling a little bit better, and just in the nick of time - because we found "Stormin' Norman", our new addition to the barn tools. 

Yes, we've named our lawn tractor.  But how could we not, when he was such an awesome find?  "Norman", as I've dubbed him, is a 23 hp lawn tractor, with the hydrostatic transmission, less than 80 hours, and 2 years remaining in the extended warranty.  And all for a STEAL of a deal!  So we ran out and snatched him up in Cleveland, NC - ironically, the same area our hay comes from!

And last, but not least, the possible trade.  I don't want to jinx myself, but at the same time I am so excited I have to mention it.  A local trainer has a mare for sale that I inquired about, but when I did so, I mentioned that my horse-buying power is also tied up in my current mare.  So she threw out the option of bringing Delilah so she could sit on her and try her out, while I try her mare, to see if there could be any type of trade option. 

So that is what the future holds for us in the upcoming week.  Lots to look forward to!!!!

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