Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I GOT A PONY!!!!!!!

Yes, the title of this blog is to be squealed, at the top of your lungs, with the gusto of an exuberant child.  Because that is exactly how I feel!  It was made official this morning.  April is now mine, and the mare-formerly-known-as-Delilah - now dubbed "Eve" has a new home as well. 

It is amazing the way all the pieces fell into place.  Even after making the decision to list Delilah for sale, I still wasn't completely at peace with the idea of her going to a new home.  I was worried about her falling into the wrong hands and having an uncertain future.  But I know she is safe and extremely well cared-for where she is now, and most importantly, I know that her physical issues will be sorted out, and her education will be continued with a strong and proper foundation.  That is why I can't believe how lucky I am.  I have the opportunity to own an AMAZING horse, with the potential to teach me SO much - the mare is trained to 2nd level dressage!  She is extremely forward, and will push my comfort levels without scaring me.  Most importantly, she has the skill and talent to further MY riding education, which is something I have desired for a really long time.  I am thrilled that it is finally time to work on ME.  Don't get me wrong - I think there are plenty of things you can learn from working with a green horse.  But I think I need more of a foundation before being put in that position.  There are too many holes in my education still, which I am really excited that great instruction and a solid horse will help to fill.

I was told by the instructor who sold me April that I have a good natural seat and balance, and that she thinks I have a lot of natural talent to be honed.  I nearly cried when I heard her tell me that.  I have felt like an untrained monkey for so long...the lone ranger in a world of pretty perky hunters...oh, how she gave me a thrill by telling me that!  It reaffirmed to me that I have been on the right path, and I am so grateful to Robin and Renie for giving me a firm foundation in the basics of correct riding.

Last night I wanted to squeeze in one last ride before making my final decision of which option to choose.  (I was offered several different mare-swapping deals to choose from)  Well, I'll be darned if a thunderstorm didn't crop up right as I was getting to the barn.  It poured for ten minutes, then died off a little, so I threw on tack in hopes of catching a quick ride.  Yep, that's right - ME, the former chicken-poo (use your imagination, I have to be proper on a blog, right?) hopping on the super-forward horse amidst rain and rumbling thunder....Oh, and not only did I ride in these less-than-ideal conditions, I even left the farm and rode down the driveway for quite a ways!  Oh, how giddy I am to think of my first event with this mare!!

So here I am, again, like a child at Christmas.  You see, the phone call occurred this morning on my way to work, so now I get to go to the barn and she is "officially" mine....so I can't WAIT to get off and go see her. 
Oh wait...I just realized.....I own another MARE.  Didn't I swear to never do that again???  Ahh, let the adventures continue.......


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