Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mare Swap!

I'm sure there will be many more details to share in the near future, but...meet April!

April is an 11 year old Hanoverian/TB cross that I have on trial for the moment.  Ironically, Delilah is on trial with April's owner as well, and we are going to give both situations a shot for the next week or two and see how it goes.

I tried her out yesterday.  I liked her, but she is an extremely forward horse with a pretty serious work ethic.  She is VERY correct, so I think she has a LOT to teach me - it just comes down to whether I think she will be too much horse for me to really enjoy.  She isn't hot, and she's very honest, you just have to be extremely correct in what you are asking her to do.  So we will see how things go! 

Delilah had a big first day with her trial too.  They apparently had a few "conversations" about how things were going to go.  As usual, D was trying to assert her opinion into every imaginable equation.

And now I am off to the barn for my first lesson on April!  I am very excited to see how it goes!!

April on the flat

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