Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cross Country Schooling!!!

I don't know HOW it has taken me this long to post this, but I had my first cross country schooling on Delilah this week!  Monday brought a threat of rain, so we decided to use our day off (thanks Labor Day!) to get our rides out of the way first thing, before the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee rolled in.  I had expected the horses to be a little cranked up, with such a quick drop in temperature, but our warmup started out beautifully.  I kept commenting how lovely Delilah was - calm, and relaxed, and really fun to ride!  Before I knew it, I had pointed her at our little tire jump, and our cross country day was underway!

Robyn and I had a great time.  She took a few videos for me, and then I did the same for her.  Delilah schooled the smaller tire jump multiple times, and was so much fun!  And then Linkin surprised us ALL by doing the 2'6'' tire jump, just as calmly as could be!

This has been an awesome week.  We showed around two really great prospective boarders last night.  The horses are settled in, the barn looks great, and we have settled into a routine with the new farm.  Life has taken a really happy turn, and I am so content!

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