Friday, July 22, 2011

Samson is Back in the REAL WORLD!!!

Well, it has been a rollercoaster the past few months, but I am thrilled to report that Samson is back in the real world as of last night!  AKA - he has graduated from the paddock to being turned out!

We had a brief scare last week that he had reinjured himself.  Thank god, we put the pieces together that he must have just tweaked something when he went after another injured horse we tried to put in with him.  That did NOT go over well.  When Samson turned into such a bully, I have no clue!  But after several consistently sound rides, combined with the fact that he felt good enough to be a bucking mess the other night, I talked to Smokey about bumping up his turnout by a week and Smokey agreed.

Stopped by and grabbed some Ace.  Smokey laughed when I told him about our adventurous trail ride the other night.  He is the greatest vet.  He always comes out for a hug, and asks for the latest updates on what has been one of his most difficult cases...(Way to go Samson!  Note the sarcasm...) 

So we doped him up really good, to make sure he wouldn't run around like a freak.

Mommy, I'm on DRUGS!!! :-)
We rearranged the pastures to make sure he would end up with Linkin, who has been a pasture buddy in the past.  They have always gotten along well.  We brought out a six pack of Miller Lite, prepared to sit and supervise the new arrangements all night.  Turns out, it was a piece of cake.

Checking out all the accoutrements of the REAL WORLD!
I think we made it through a half a beer before realizing that the entire event was going to be far more low-key than expected.  Even Rapunzel integrated beautifully in her new field.  So we retired to the porch, and the welcome breeze from the fan, and listened to horses munching in the distance.  Overall, a gorgeous night!

Samson and his buddy Linkin!

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