Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dreaming & Scheming.....

So I have been plotting.  And dreaming.  And scheming.  You see, there is a piece of land for sale about ten minutes from my house.  It is ten acres - big enough for a "farmette" setup, enough to accommodate my two horses, my best friend's horse, and possibly a boarder or two to keep the costs down.  Here's the problem - I need to come up with $155,000. 

Geez.  It seems like such a miniscule amount.  The problem is, it is so hard to get a loan for land that doesn't have a house.  But even so, I am determined to figure out a way.  The land has a tax value of triple the listing price, and is perfect in so many ways.  So today I have been sketching out fencing plans, the location of the arena, barn, and someday house...and we can't forget the mini cross country course through the wooded area....

Sigh.  Surely there's a way....right???

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