Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Fat FAKER!!!!

Well, it might be a stretch, but is it possible that Samson (who I have always considered to be a little piggish and slightly less than brilliant...) may be smarter than the average bear?

I know.  Horses are not geniuses.  They supposedly are not intelligent enough to rationalize something like "faking", but I swear to god....

I was riding with Robyn last night, doing my rehabilitation regime, and I started to do a little bit of trotting down the long side to see how he was doing.  He was acting incredibly off last week, and I had been spiraling into a dark and dramatic depression thinking we had taken eight million steps back in his recovery....well, he started trotting and tossed his head around a bit, and kept breaking back to a walk.  I told Robyn it was frustrating, because I didn't know how hard to push him - if something hurts, or if he was just being a pig.  As of his last exam, we have been cleared by the vet to start adding in small bits of trot work to his rehab routine.  So I finally said screw it.  I was riding bareback (both of my saddles are with Delilah since she has been the rideable one in training) and I asked him to trot.  When he broke back to a walk, I threw my arm behind me and whacked him once on the butt since I didn't have a whip.  Low and behold, he stretches out and forward into a gorgeous forward SOUND trot....

Can we say FAKER???!!!!!  If I wasn't so happy, I might have been royally pissed....  So that's my theory of the day.  Samson is smarter than the average bear, and he is a big fat phony fraud.  Who has been outed.  And will be going back to work, stat!

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