Thursday, March 3, 2011

Same Stuff, Different Day

Not much for updates in the last week. Delilah got her teeth done on Monday. I was hoping they would find some kind of atrocious abnormality in her mouth that would explain two years of headtossing - but no such luck. She had a wolf tooth, but it did not seem to be causing her any issues. She did, by the way, take DOUBLE the amount of drugs it took to put my even larger gelding under. That's my girl!!!

We rode on Tuesday night. She was a little neglected last week - not even sure why, just kind of happened. She was fussy, and bossy, and blowing right through my hands and downright running around to start with. At one point, she broke into a canter. There were so many people schooling around me, and she was giving me so much trouble, I ended up leaving the ring and finding a corner to go do circles in. Ahhh, circles. Sometimes they seem like our past, present, and eternal future.

I am going to experimentally treat her for ulcers - not an actual treatment, but supplement and diet changes. She has been girthy for the last few weeks, and then the bucking behavior started anytime I put my leg on. My trainer and I had hypothesized that it was a mare thing - coming into season harder this year for some reason. So we started her on a mare supplement, but haven't seen a drastic change. I am going to try a really popular ulcer supplement, and add some alfalfa to her diet, and see what we get. Things were going so well, I would really like to get back there again.

So that's all for now. Going out to ride tonight, though in all honesty, I don't feel like it. I have got to get my motivation back.

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