Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twiddling my thumbs....

Well, I have a very valid excuse for not blogging recently. I know, I know - here I go justifying again. But seriously. I kind of broke my a$%. Okay, had to give you a minute to recover from that one. Things were going great, and we were aiming for our first show which would have been this past weekend. I came out to ride last Monday, put together a temporary dressage arena to practice in, tacked up, and got on. I was riding around in my makeshift arena, when I noticed my mare gawking at - a line in the dirt. She is a freak about anything unusual on the ground. Delilah rarely spooks at anything, but she will scamper sideways around dead grass in the arena after we move jumps, funny-looking puddles...like I said, anything on the ground. Well, there was some construction going on at the barn, and I'm guessing that is why something had made a little semi-circle ark that was scratched into the ground. We walked past it once - AHHHH! Then twice - ahhh!!! Finally she quit reacting to us going by it, and I completely forgot about it. We picked up our trot and had a few lovely circles around the middle of the arena, and then we came to the end of the arena where the terrifying circle was (that by this point, I have completely forgotten about).

I should have remembered.

Next thing I know, my mare is flying out to the right, and there is no longer a horse under me. I remember thinking "I'm falling off!!!!" in complete wonderment, because it has been a LONG time since I have fallen - we're talking ten years here. Then, it was "this isn't as bad as I thought!"....right before I hit the ground.

Then I hit the ground, and the illusions of grandeur were immediately replaced by a steady stream of expletives. I rolled over...check. Bent my knees and tried to get up....F&%#. Sorry, but that's the only word to describe it.

You see, I landed bent in half, straight on my butt and partly on my hip. So, like I said...sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I really did hurt my A&%! Luckily, it wasn't a break. The doctor is hypothesizing it might be a sprain. I also landed on my left hip, and after xrays and a CT scan, they discovered that I had an old avulsion fracture that I landed on...so apparently, at some time in the past, I fractured my pelvis and didn't know it. Then I landed on it again, and it didn't (and still doesn't!) feel so great.

So I am blogging to you while sitting on my new best friend, the heating pad, while I take a break from my beloved companion, the donut pillow. Dr. Rain-on-my-Parade (whose true identity shall remain nameless) wants me to take 6-8 weeks off to avoid long-term damage. To which I reply - HELLO??!!! It is SHOW SEASON!!! I have been good. It's been a week, and I have followed orders. This week, the weather is forcing me to obey - we have had a barrage of rain. So I feel confident I will make it two weeks. There is a sheepskin seat saver waiting in my cubby for my return to the saddle...I have a feeling it may be earlier than six weeks from now......

I guess I may be sitting on the sidelines for awhile now....


  1. OK... you poor thing! I did kind of the same thing in December (ankle not buttocks) which was perfect timing since I think I can tolerate the half seat for the season... Good luck and again... poor thing!

  2. Oh my Suzanne!!! NOT fun, at all! Thank you so much...doing much better already!