Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Well, inevitably we all have to face the fact that our horses are not robots. They are living, breathing, thinking creatures that have a mind of their own. With that in mind, we have hit another setback.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted - mainly because of the abscess derailing our progress. The truth is, I haven't wanted to admit in writing what is really going on. We got Delilah's foot healed, and tacked up to go for our first ride since being off for awhile. Things quickly went to hell in a handbasket - she was crowhopping around like crazy, spinning in circles to avoid bending correctly, and basically trying every naughty trick in the book. I chalked it up to her feeling good with the onset of spring, having a nice long break, etc. Tacked up again the next day with lower expectations, but still a hopefully mindset...same thing. Now suspicion is starting to creep in. My trainer and I go through the laundry list of things to consider - tack fit, soundness, going into season - and discuss the different possibilities. At the end of the ride, we decided to give her a day or two off and try again. The weekend rolled around, and it was one of those glorious North Carolina weekends that hinted spring is right around the corner. I sprang out of bed that morning and couldn't WAIT to ride my mare.

I should have waited. HA! She crowhopped. And crowhopped some more. And then, BANG - kicked out both feet in a buck sizeable enough to unseat me for a moment. Thank god for good training and a balanced enough seat to stay on.

So at this point, we are baffled. The vet is coming Monday to evaluate her and see if there is something going on. I have owned the mare for almost two and a half years, and in all that time, she has come off the ground ONCE. Something has GOT to be amiss. She is also getting her teeth floated Monday, which is long overdue, and has an order of Smartpaks arriving today with a mare supplement in the event her cycles are affecting her. So we will keep you updated as things progress. Here's to hoping for the best....


  1. I hate "mystery illness" whatever it may be, so hopefully the vet will actually have a diagnoses so you are able to move forward.

  2. ME TOO!!! Horses can be SO difficult to diagnose at times. I *think* we are through it now...crossing our fingers nothing crops back up. If not, I am going to blame it on a difficult cycle as she came into her first heat this year. We'll see!