Friday, July 20, 2012

The Generosity of a Stranger

I have to share the following email, because it has had the most remarkable impact on me this week.  This is the message I received yesterday:

"Hi Becca.  I ended up buying your saddle.  It was a little more than I wanted to pay given the cracks in the leather, but when I saw why you were selling, it made the decision easy.  I hope that the money helps with Samson's vet bills and I hope the treatment is successful.  A lot of folks in your position would have abandoned him, pawned him off on someone else, or put him down.  When people like you do what you are doing, it makes God proud.  He made you and Samson cross paths for a reason.  Good luck, and I will check your blog every now and then to see how things are working out.  -Scott"

This simple message has really had a profound effect on me.  So many times, I have warred over whether I am doing the right thing.  In times of financial stress, there has been more than one time when I considered finding him a new home.  At the end of the day though, I knew I would never be able to guarantee him a safe and happy future.  So I have weathered the storms as they come - from his first surgery, through follow up x-rays, special shoeing, etc.  As I was watching Seabiscuit last night, Samson was the first thing to pop into my head when the Tom Smith (Seabiscuit's trainer) tells his owner, "You don't throw away a whole life just because it's banged up a little."

I took a gamble.  I decided to put his story out there, in an attempt to fund raise the remaining amounts for his treatment.  And the end result?  I am halfway there already.  Not only did this amazing stranger buy my saddle, but he also purchased another item off of Ebay, and added $100 to my fundraising widget.  I have broken into spontaneous tears at least three times as I discovered each of these surprises....  :-)

In the horse world, so many can get wrapped up in the silliest drama and forget what really matters in life.  The people like Scott, who find it in their heart to help a horse they have never met - these are the kind of people that have a tremendous reward waiting for them.  If you strive to put good into the world, you will always be on the receiving end of it.  This applies to everything - money, time, whatever it is you have to give. 

So here's to us all taking a look inside ourselves.  When was the last time you reached out and made a huge impact on someone else's life?  I have just received a wave of blessing, and I plan on paying it forward in a big way. 


  1. hello popped over from hay - net and have just read the post about Samson I'd like to wish you lots of luck with your fund raising.

  2. What a beautiful story... I can only imagine Samson's vet bill... Sug's was $1,800... Will see what I can do...

  3. Is the PayPal widget supposed to work on here or is it my iPad?

  4. Aww... I'm SO glad that you're finding the funds to do something like this! I wish you the best of luck. I'll be sending your ebay link to a few friends! :) And of course, let me know how the tildren works out!

  5. Thank you SO much Becky!!! I will ABSOLUTELY keep you posted - you'll see on my blog post today; there is another local case of navicular that is going to pursue the same treatment. He isn't a bipartite horse, but they are going to try the drug for him as well - so will be following that case as well!

  6. And thank you to everyone for your thoughts and best wishes. I appreciate all the support tremendously!!!!!