Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Samson's Ebay Fundraiser

Yep - you read it right.  Samson's story is now being spread via Ebay, in an attempt to fundraise every possible penny I can for his Tildren trial!  It started out as a suggestion from his former "mom", because she held a tack sale to help fundraise for the vet bills.  So the other day I began digging through everything I could think of - extra things from the tack trunk that sit around untouched, even clothing from my own closet!

So, if you are in need of any horsey stuff, check my online store out at
There's a good little variety of miscellaneous items listed; and for local people - I also have two bandage/wrap racks that I never listed because they are too bulky to ship! 

I also (under much duress and debating; I assure you...) added a giving widget to the blog.  Samson's former "mom" suggested this to me a month ago, and I refused - I told her I didn't feel right asking for charity.  But as she continues to spread the word and call me about people interested in helping, I realize how stupid it is to keep clinging to my pride on the issue.  After all, it's about Samson.  Not me.  All I am trying to do is help him get every possible option he can have for a long and happy future - and if that means accepting charity from people who want to help, why would I stand in the way?  I will still refuse to ask for help from anyone.  I will dig through tack trunks and closets til I hit my goal if that's what it takes.  But if having a silly little widget gets us there a little bit sooner, so be it. 

In regards to my chestnut boy - his feet are looking remarkably better since getting his new shoes put on.  The wedge really helps to get him more balanced, and the shoes themselves look fantastic.  The therapeutic option has been shot down, so it looks like he will stay with me.  It is great news and not-so-great news all wrapped together....Of course I ADORE him, and never really wanted him to leave.  But with someone else paying his monthly upkeep, I would have been able to get together the money for his treatment much faster.  That is a big part of the motivation to get my ebay auctions and general fundraising ramped up again - the fact that it isn't going to work out after all.  Everything happens for a reason though, and I have to believe that it is all going to fall into place.

Besides - just ask the girl who took one of her first lessons on him the other day how special he is.  You really can't deny it.  He's just that amazing.  :-)

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