Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking a Gamble....

The time has finally arrived to start pressing forward in terms of accomplishing some goals.  At this point, I am planning on little goals - because even if they are baby steps, they are still a step in the right direction.

First goal lined up: get in the ring.  Well, as of ten minutes ago, we are official entered for a baby jumper course at a local hunter show this weekend.  I signed her up for the simplest class, a little 2' jumper course, and if all goes well we may tack on an additional challenge the day of the show.  It's going to be an interesting outing.  I am pretty much going it alone - no trainer, and not even Robyn because it falls on the day of the Queens Cup steeplechase here in Charlotte.  I am actually kind of excited, because I think it will be a super low-pressure way to get the ball rolling.  Little to no expections, no pressure of an audience, just get in the ring and see how things goes.  (AKA - see if I stroke out and fall off my horse when they call my name....)  So yes, it is REALLY happening this time.  It all fell into place perfectly, because our boarders are taking their mare to do a little walk-trot class and get her out for the first time this year, so we can trailer together and cheer each other on at our relaxed little show day. 

Goal number two will probably be a little bit bigger.  I have my sights set on one of two options -either a combined text in May, or running our first full horse trial at the end of May at Foxtrack.  I guess we'll see how this weekend goes, and then pick whichever seems to be more up our alley based on the results of this weekend.  I think either option will set us up for success.  Both are very relaxed, laid-back schooling-type shows, so either would be great for our first venture into eventing together. 

In other news, albeit slightly related, I have landed a gig as a guest blogger for a local website on health and wellness topics!  It is incredibly exciting to see that after a year of musing aimlessly on my non-income generating online journal of sorts, I may actually make a few pennies with my writing!  Of course it is all to fund the pony-bank...because no, I don't have a piggy-bank; it's always a pony-bank....

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