Monday, April 23, 2012

Live to Fight Another Day...

Or in other words, I am S-I-C-K.  Ugh, I thought I had escaped it, but my dear sweet husband passed his overly abundant retail-business GERMS on to me.  I woke up Saturday with a sneaking suspicion I had caught it, but blamed it on allergies.  I popped some claritin and assorted cold and sinus medicine and managed to slog through the day.  Thankfully the Boyds were doing chores, so I had a day off from the barn to relax. 

Sunday morning, however, there was no denying it.  I managed to get the horses fed, then fell into bed til 12:30 in the afternoon.  Woke up, watched a movie, then slept til 5:30.  I still managed to sleep all night long.  I really don't feel much better this morning, and I am counting my blessings that Robyn has already volunteered to cover the barn this evening so I can fall into bed again tonight and try to recover.

I HATE feeling useless, and I absolutely LOATHE lying around wasting an entire weekend in bed.  But, as the title suggests, sometimes you just have to live to fight another day....

I have been contacted twice this morning about four new boarders looking for a new place to board.  How I wish I had more space and time on my hands, because I would love to keep growing.  The hard part of being a responsible farm owner comes in recognizing your limitations - in my case, the lack of good quality pasture - and having to say no at times.  I know we will get there one day, but I can't help wishing I could fast forward to the day when I have a larger place with amazing pasture and facilities.  I really don't have massive dreams - I don't have the desire to run a 20 stall barn.  I would be happy with a little ten stall barn, where I could still offer the same level of quality, but make it my full-time gig, instead of my part-time pipe dream.  :-)

Ms. April has enjoyed two days off thanks to this icky bug, and I fear she may have another one coming tonight.  Anybody feel like working the fiery chestnut tonight?  Disclaimer - she galloped in with six consecutive bucks this morning to eat her breakfast.....

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  1. Sending you healing energy... April will be ok with another day off.... Be kind to yourself.