Monday, February 7, 2011

Blasted Weather!

The summary of a typical North Carolina winter equals one thing - rain. Lots and lots of rain. It started early Friday morning, rained all day long and into Saturday morning. My backyard was a pond - literally. Which of course means the riding arena was a pond as well. So Friday was shot, as was Saturday. I got a ride in on Sunday, which after having two days off was pretty successful. But I am facing the harsh reality that my 30 day goal may be delayed by the weather. It is supposed to rain again tonight, and then a possible icy mix on Thursday. Chances are, two more days this week without work for Delilah. Go figure. I get motivated, ride reliably, start a blog to track my progress, and the weather has to mess with things.

My trainer is aiming for a show in March. Even if we only do a flat class, she wants Delilah to go and get out into the world. This will be our first show together, EVER! Delilah went to the schooling show at Tryon last fall with a friend but didn't show, just went along to school. So she has seen the world once before and did incredibly well. Now if I can only come up with a way to get her mane looking decent before March.....I have a feeling I might have to call my dear friend Amanda! Or drugs - drugs work too. It seems (from past experience) that Amanda or drugs are the only solution. Delilah DESPISES her mane being pulled.

I rode my gelding, Samson this weekend too. He is a funny horse. I have a suspicion he will make the world's best foxhunting horse. He LOVES to be out in the open. He would be my dream eventing horse, except I am highly suspicious of his abilities in the dressage arena...We worked on conditioning around the lane that borders the farm. At one point, I was wishing for a stronger bit - I nearly had to haul on him to get him stopped!

That's all for today. Going to *try* to make it to the barn tonight for a ride. Hopefully I can beat the forecast!

Samson working in sidereins, August 2010

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  1. Okay so you can count the drugs out! I will come and tame the wild mess that is Delilahs mane :) Even though you sometimes forget and that mare have come such a long way! It is so hard to be dedicated when there are 5 millions other things all pulling you in different directions.

    I cant figure out how to follow you...I made my own blog...Paint by Ponies....hehee Now if I could only figure out how to use the dang thing....