Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Living on the Edge

You know, sometimes in life, you just have to take a leap and find out if it will pay off.  That's exactly what I did this month.  Robyn and I have taken on a project pony, who we have renamed "Jonah".  He is a 15.2 TB/QH cross that has eventing experience, a pretty sane little mind, and basically just needs a little TLC to get back to his former glory days.  He is an easy enough project for us because he has already done a lot, but he has been sitting around going downhill for quite some time.  I stumbled across him completely by accident, when I went to pick up t-posts from someone.  They told me he was for sale, and I spun it around in my brain for awhile, asking questions, looking up old videos of him, and basically mulling it over.  Then the owner threw out the idea of trading him for free in exchange for riding time on another gelding she owns, so we hatched a plan to make it all work by teaming up - me, Robyn, and Kelsey. 

So we have projects lined up!  Kelsey has a gorgeous TB gelding on her farm that she already got a ride in on, and Robyn and I have our little guy who had a laid-back day of beauty yesterday.  He is good-natured, and I really enjoyed riding him when I tried him yesterday!  We have put him on Amplify, as he is definitely in need of some weight gain, and we have a plan in place to slowly increase his feed to safely put the weight on him.  I have a sneaking suspicion he might benefit from a good worming and ulcer regimen as well, but we will see how things go step by step. 

I have had a blast riding April the last few times.  Last night we rode in the open field since it has been so wet.  It is really tough riding on such a steep hill when you are out of shape.  My legs were aching trying to hold myself in the correct position going downhill, but my muscles need some serious work anyway.  We have had some great rides.  Last night she started trying to break into the canter when we were trotting up the hill, but she really listened and quieted when I asked her to stay at a forward trot.  I was so pleased, since the last few weeks have been pretty irregular for our riding regimen, with all the chaos going on.  I am really looking forward to being back in the swing of things.  It feels like things have finally started to fall back into the regular routine over the last week or so, and it has been a tremendous relief!

I am so incredibly fortunate.  We have an incredible farm, amazing boarders, fabulous horses, and talented trainers.  I couldn't ask for more, and I am looking forward to the spring with so much excitement!  It is going to be a phenomenal year!!

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