Friday, November 11, 2011

A Picture Perfect Weekend!

Well, here's hoping at least!  It will be a "picturesque" weekend, however, because my little sister is coming to shoot the farm for her final photography project of the semester.  I am looking forward to seeing what her creative eye comes up with in terms of capturing the farm on camera.  She always has amazing results.

I had a great ride on April the other night!  We are hoping to have our lights done this weekend, so we rode by the light of the moon...which isn't much, considering it was a very cloudy, overcast evening.  Regardless, we made the best of it and tacked up and headed to a neighboring field where there were fewer trees to block out the little bit of moonlight we had.  I had a great ride.  It was challenging, because the area we chose to ride in has a pretty good sized slope, but it was an excellent chance to work on not getting on the forehand while riding downhill, and really working through the hind end when going uphill.  It was an awesome, relaxed ride.  We called it quits fairly early since they were so good about riding in the dark, and headed back to the barn.

I am fighting another stupid cold and feeling a bit hazy today, so I am hoping to keep pumping the echinacea and fight that off before it takes hold.  We are showing a boarder around tomorrow, so I am hoping to feel up to getting more footing down in the muddy areas before she gets there tomorrow!  I think that is all of the exciting developments for the week.  It has been a ho-hum type of week, just the normal routine of feeding, riding, grooming, and working on the farm. 

I will leave you with the adorable sight I found this morning when I went out to feed.  April had a little "friend" hanging out on her hindquarters...take a look...

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