Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh Sun, Where Have You Gone?

I despise daylight savings time.  There, I said it.  I don't mind winter, don't mind chilly nights...I'd rather bundle up than be sweating profusely anyday.  But with that being said, I have to put it out there that I HATE the shorter days.

We "fell back" this past Sunday, and it is so depressing to get to the barn and it is already dark.  It makes everything that much harder.  Doing chores in the dark isn't so bad, but we don't have arena lights yet, so riding has gone out the window so far this week.  Tonight I think I will just ride in the dark.  I'm itching to ride.

The good news is, the bones are okay!  I think it has turned out to be my ridiculous knees, which I have had multiple problems with in the past anyway.  Thankfully it isn't my mounting knee this time, so as long as I baby it a good bit, I should be fine.

The barn is full as of the beginning of this month!  We have an awesome group of people.  Everyone is reliable and diligent, and I never have to worry about anything when I am gone.  I actually took the entire weekend to devote to getting my household back in order - something that fell completely to the back burner while getting the barn up and running.  It was so refreshing to take all that time off and never have a single worry in my head.

We did ride on Sunday afternoon.  It was GORGEOUS, and we hit the roads and went trailblazing around Indian Land, complete with a walking trail ride with Baby P, who is not allowed to go any faster than a walk yet. 

I worked on new footing going down in some of the boot-eating muddy areas around the farm, and I think we are on the right track to solving that issue.  All the horses are now acclimated and in a single herd for now and seem to be settled and happy. 

Lastly, Penelope has decided she is a horse.  She is our pygmy goat that we got to help with the brushy areas of the paddock we have been trying to clear.  She is a weed-eating machine!  When she first arrived, she was fairly skittish, but she is really coming around.  She now hangs out with the herd constantly, and rotates between stalls at night to find a warm place to sleep.  Life is great at our little farm, and I truly couldn't be happier!

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