Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not A Lot to Say...

You know, it seems like I have very little to say these days...not entirely sure why that is exactly.  Nothing has been going to plan lately, but such is life!  Ms. April and I had a brief little rollercoaster of really icky rides, but I think (and HOPE) that we are on to some forward progress again.  I am really struggling with finding the right path for us at the moment.  I think I have stewed and pondered it to the point where I am emotionally exhausted at the thought of making any decisions, whether it is showing, clinics, training, etc.  I think I need to find something fun to get out and go do with her to get a little enjoyment back.  I think I got to the point of putting so much pressure on ourselves over getting the dressage to click that I literally ended up causing the opposite to happen.  I think that is a huge part of me not blogging - I haven't felt like really talking about it with anyone, let alone owning up to it in black and white.  I'm not quite sure where we fit these days, but I am confident we will figure out our place.  For now, I am hoping to get a hack in tonight - a wide open field with my red-headed girl is always good to clear the head.  :-)

Samson is doing well, aside from a minor lameness issue in his front right that cropped up over the weekend.  It was pretty minor, but I did a few precautionary soaks and wraps, and we will keep it closely monitored.  I am still working on his Ebay fundraising, but we still have a ways to go.  We will get there soon enough! 

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