Monday, June 4, 2012

Samson - The Popular Pony!

Well, it would appear there is quite a bit of interest in Samson the wonder pony!  I happened to stumble over to my blog stats, and the post about his condition has already received 68 hits!  It turns out that his case is interesting to more than just myself!

There isn't much in the way of updates to report.  I did receive an incredibly touching phone call the day after I posted about him, from a woman who knows him from a former barn.  This amazing person is rallying together a tack sale to help raise funds, which will be donated directly to Samson.  I had tears rolling down my cheeks at the amazing generousity of someone I really don't even know that well - but wants to assist my big red horse, who managed to touch her life at one point as well.  It is times like these that I am overwhelmed with the goodness of people.  There are many days where we are hounded with how much bad there is in the world we live in, but on days like this, I am assured that much good still remains.

I am posting two photos that we snapped at the barn yesterday.  We walked into the barn on the way to start a fencing project, and I immediately noticed the usual head sticking out of the first stall on the left.  I crept up and found him curled up in his stall having a midday snooze.  As I curled up beside him, I started scratching his face, and he made the most endearing little groaning noises...I don't think I have ever heard a comparable sound come out of another horse.  I have heard quite a few ponies make their usual grunts and relaxed groans, but this was priceless - it sounded like a horse's version of a cat purring.  I will never in my life forget that moment, him burying his head in my lap to get the deepest scratch possible, all the while groaning in pure relaxation.  Pony heaven, I'm sure.

Here's to you, Samson.  We are going to "fix" you to the best of our ability.  I will do everything in my power to get every penny together and take a little gamble that just might work.  I don't even care if I never get to streak around a foxhunt with you.  I will be content to have you curl your head up in my lap, and just be the biggest pet I've ever owned.

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