Monday, May 2, 2011

New Plan for the Weekend!

Well, I am very excited to announce that we have a killer plan in place for Miss Delilah for this upcoming weekend! After a few near-attempts at taking her to a show, it always seems that something comes up - I bust my butt, my trainer thinks we aren't quite ready, the school pony needs the schooling worse, and on and on. So last night, we were talking about the idea of taking Delilah to the mid-year show in Greensboro to at least see the world and school a bit. I was telling Robyn that I didn't know how we would be away from home, but that I just want to get it over with already and see how it goes. So she came up with the brilliant idea to load up Miss D next weekend and bring her to her mother's house to school and see how she does away from home. So that is officially the plan for this week! I am really excited to finally GO somewhere with her, even if it is twenty minutes away just to ride.

On top of that, I get to try another new horse tonight, Cobe. He belongs to a really sweet boarder of ours whose niece has been riding him but is really busy with school and life in general. She offered to let me ride him, and if I enjoy him, she will send me to as many shows as we want! So I am really excited to have some options opening up at last! It is going to be an exciting week.

I spent the weekend at the local Cedarhill Farm PHJA show. The girls from our farm were phenomenal, and all three took home Reserve Champion ribbons! I schooled Penny, our school pony who is good as gold at home, but morphs into a screaming FREAK at shows. We recently discovered this at the Everlong show two weeks ago, so we took her back to Cedarhill to try again. She was a hair better, but there is a vast amount of improvement needed before she can ever tote a kid around a show. She screams, she jigs, she dives for the exit gate, pins her ears back at other horses, tries to back up into them...thank god she is 13.2 and doesn't intimidate me much. It has been a good thing for boosting my confidence at handling difficult horses, but slightly embarassing at the same time.

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